Trump vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Trump and his news channel try to slander the Philadelphia Eagles for not wanting to visit him at the White House. Sad!
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NFL Superstar Travis Kelce (Extended Cut)

We talk to NFL star Travis Kelce about Gronk comparisons, his best TD celebrations, growing up in Cleveland, getting wild noise complaints from his neighbors, his reality TV career, and his Milly Rock.
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The Salary Cap

VICE Sports Explains the NFL Salary Cap, how it is calculated, why it is needed to level the playing field, and what teams are doing to manipulate the system.
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Mr. Irrelevant

VICE Sports Explains how the last pick in the NFL draft has earned the title Mr. Irrelevant, and has become not so irrelevant after all.
The Clubhouse

Malcolm Jenkins Goes on a Ride Along with Philly PD

Malcolm Jenkins rode along with Philadelphia Police to gain a new perspective on policing, where they discussed opinions about police brutality.
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Publicly Funded Stadiums

VICE Sports Explains how pro sport stadium construction gets funded by local tax payers while the billionaire owners' pockets don't take a huge hit.
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The XFL's Influence on the NFL

VICE Sports explains the XFL's influence on the NFL
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What is a Catch in the NFL?

VICE Sports explains the complicated rules and regulations of what a catch actually means in the NFL
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MMA Helped Mo Wilkerson Become the Highest Paid DE in the NFL

Mo Wilkerson is still looking for ways to cause headaches for NFL offenses. As if being a pro bowler wasn't enough, Mo has now taken up MMA to be even quicker.
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Colin Kaepernick Kneeled and a Movement Rose Up

A look at the national anthem protests and their impact on the NFL
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Gentle Giant Ronnie Stanley Prepares to Block the NFL's Best

We met up with Ronnie in his new home of Baltimore and found out that he remains one of the most mellow human beings in the NFL.
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Julius Thomas Relaxes at the Shooting Range: Off Day

Julius Thomas is a monster on the gridiron, but you're kidding yourself if you think he's like that all the time.