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How-To: Sådan laver du en late night-sandwich

Kokken Michael White er verdenskendt for sin pasta, så vi bad ham naturligvis fortælle alt om hans yndlingssandwich.
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Sådan laver du gedekebab

Ged og en ordentlig gang spæk er vejen til den perfekte snack.
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How-To: Sådan laver du ceviche med Javier Wong

Javier Wong laver den måske bedste ceviche i Peru. Nogle kalder ham endda for "the godfather of ceviche." I den her video viser han, hvordan han laver sin latterligt simple, men helt perfekte, opskrift.
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Introducing the MUNCHIES Cookbook

Inspired by our web series Chef’s Night Out, MUNCHIES: LATE-NIGHT MEALS BY THE WORLD’S BEST CHEFS is the first-ever cookbook from VICE. Inside are 65 recipes from nights out with 70 top chefs, including Michael White, Dominique Crenn, and Dale Talde.
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Make a Veggie Burger with Cara Nicoletti

Cara Nicoletti, a butcher at Foster Sundry in Brooklyn, shows us how to make a veggie burger
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Make Lamb Pita Tacos With Raph Rashid

Raph Rashid—owner of Melbourne’s Taco Truck—shows us how to make lamb tacos, Souvlaki-style.
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Make Lamb Rump Salad With Sarah De Burgh

With tender seared lamb, zesty pickle, crisp fresh veggies, and plump, savoury buckwheat—this lamb rump salad is a perfect standalone lunch for Spring afternoons.
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Make a Beef Flank with Smoked Beef Fat Vinaigrette with Luke Powell

Luke Powell is a master of smoked, cold-cut, and pressed meat.
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Make Korean Beef Brisket Stew with Kimchi Pete

Australian chef Kimchi Pete shows us how to make a Korean Stew with beef brisket.
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Moose Meat Marinade with Thom Beers

Turns out, moose tastes pretty good.
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Paella with George Weill and Pepe Linares

No two paellas are alike, and there are times, like today, when you can't predict what you'll find in the classic dish.
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English Muffins

Michael Fiorelli, from Love & Salt, shows us how to whip up fluffy, golden buttermilk english muffins.