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Sexual Exploitation of Young Refugees in Greece

Thousands of unaccompanied underage refugees fall through the cracks in Greece, leaving them exposed to sexual exploitation and abuse. We meet two teenagers who have been coerced into prostitution in Athens, Greece, the country that bore the brunt of the
Underreported Greece

Back to Syria

We followed the immigrants who, fed up with the situation in Greece and the lack of hope to get to Europe, have decided to go back to their countries, as Syria, doing the same trip in reverse.
Underreported Greece

Back to Syria: The Fighter

We met with a Kurdish refugee days before he left Greece to go back to war.
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What living conditions are like for Syrian refugees living in Berlin

VICE travels to Germany to find out how the country is integrating immigrants into society

Fire in Moria

Life at the Moria Hot Spot for refugees in Lesvos.
Breaking Borders

Greece's Impending Humanitarian Catastrophe

As the European Union dissolves into heated disagreement over shared responsibility, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson visits a tent city that's cropped up at the Greek-Macedonian border.

Child Refugee Reunification

Tow brothers find each other after two and a half years.
VICE Canada Reports

Syria to the Six

Syrian refugee in Canada

Zimmer Frei: Das Geschäft mit den Flüchtlingen

Wo einige Hostels keine Flüchtlinge mehr unterbringen wollen, stehen anderen Millionenumsätze ins Haus. Wir haben uns angesehen, wie Hostelbetreiber Menschen in Not ausbeuten—und wie unsere kurzsichtige Flüchtlingspolitik ihnen dabei noch hilft.
Breaking Borders

Cutting Through Hungary's Razor Wire Fence

Refugees race to cross the border between Serbia and Hungary.
VICE News (GR)

Escape from Greece

We met some immigrants in the fields of Kilkis, next to the Greek-FYROM borders, and followed their illegal path through three countries' borders.