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Australia's Wildfires Are Carrying Smoke Around the Globe

Smoke from Australia's wildfires is now over South America.
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Black Panther’s Wakanda Is Real — And It’s In Chicago

VICE News went to Chicago to see what it looks like to recreate Wakanda.
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Why Andrew Yang Wants To Give You $1,000 A Month

The long shot candidate for president is turning the once-fringe idea of Universal Basic Income into a thing.
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Wir waren beim ersten "Flat Earth"-Treffen der Welt

Bei der Flat Earth International Conference konnten Hunderte Verschwörungstheoretiker mit Gleichgesinnten plaudern und ihre neuesten NASA-Parodie-Shirts präsentieren.
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These anonymous street artists want an independent Puerto Rico

VICE News went on a night mission with the anonymous art collective, La Puerta.
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Sean Spicer glaubt wirklich, dass sich Donald Trump "klar und deutlich geäußert hat"

Der Satz gehört zu den Lieblingsantworten/-ausreden des Pressesprechers des Weißen Hauses. Ein Zusammenschnitt.
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How To Talk Like A Populist

A how-to guide on what it means to sound populist
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We Met Migrants Risking Their Lives to Cross the Mediterranean

VICE News' Seb Walker reports from the Libyan coast, where hundreds of migrants have died trying to reach Italy.
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Millions of Bats Have Died Because of a Fungal Disease That No One Knows How to Stop

Bat plague: this disease has killed millions of bats, and no one knows how to stop it.
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This Holographic Anime Character Could be Your Next Girlfriend

A Japanese company called Vinclu has invented a holographic "girlfriend" that also functions as a dedicated virtual companion.
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Texas Workers Injured On The Job Often Gave To Pay Medical Bills On Their Own

Texas is the only state that allows employers to opt out of workers compensation plans
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Die erfahrenste Astronautin der Welt

Während ihres letzten Weltraumspaziergangs vor der ISS brach Peggy Whitson den alten Rekord von 50 Stunden und 40 Minuten außerhalb eines Raumfahrzeugs im All.