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Chef's Night Out - Cervo

Markus Kössler und seine Freunde ziehen eine Nacht lang durch Zermatt. Müssen es im noblem Skidorf immer Austern sein, oder schaffen sie es, darauf zu verzichten?
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Die perfekte Calzone mit Pizzaprofi Frank Pinello

Neben frischem Mozzarella und aufgepepptem Ricotta landen noch weitere Zutaten in den Pizzataschen. Lasst euch überraschen.
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How To Make the Best Tuna Sandwich with Samin Nostrat of Salt Fat Acid Heat

Samin Nosrat—author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and host of the new Netflix show of the same name—stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show us how to make the best tuna sandwich ever.
The Cooking Show

Easy Baked Eggs: The Cooking Show with Farideh

Munchies culinary director Farideh makes her top dish of 2018.
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How To Make Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Bacon Bits

Vegan YouTube sensation Rachel Ama [embed:] and Lue Cuttiford of Black Arts Vegan [embed:] show us how to make vegan mac ‘n’ cheese with coconut bacon bits.
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Fondue and Head Injuries with ROSI - Chef's Night Out (VV)

In our second ever Swiss edition of Chef’s Night Out we accompany Markus Stöckle and his friends on a booze and food filled night out through Zurich – that ends with soggy burgers and a slightly bloody scalp.
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Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 Sailors on a Navy Ship

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make breakfast for a boat full of US sailors and marines?
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Make Tiramisu

Fabián Von Hauske—chef and owner of Contra, Wildair and Una Pizza Napoletana in New York—has one-upped the classic Italian tiramisu recipe by making his own sponge cake that stands up to the coffee-and-liquor-soaking process.
Street Food Icons

Nuts 4 Nuts : Street Food Icons

With over 60 vendors throughout Manhattan, the Nuts 4 Nuts carts are a New York City street food staple.
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The Art of Making Danish Pastry

American pastry chef Milton Abel visits one of Copenhagen's oldest bakeries to learn the secrets behind the Danes' famous pastries.
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Harvesting Tomatoes with Frank Pinello and His Family

Every August, Frank Pinello and his family gather in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to can the best summer tomatoes so that they have perfect tomato sauce all winter long. We tagged along and documented this long standing family tradition.
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How Sushi Legend Masa Uses a Whole Fish for 3 Dishes

Legendary sushi chef Masa Takayama shows you how he cooks at home by using one fish to make three dishes.