VICE Shorties

Das Leben als genderneutraler Teenager

VICE-Journalistin Amelia Abraham war vor Kurzem in Schweden, um dessen Ruf als eins der progressivsten Länder der Welt zu untersuchen.
VICE Specials

Aufwachsen ohne Gender

Wir sind nach Schweden gereist, um herauszufinden, wie man dank geschlechtsneutraler Kindergärten und modernen Familienstrukturen dort das binäre Gender-System groß wird.
Kreuz & Queer | Geschlecht?

Lou | Non-Binary Gender

Weiblich oder männlich lautet die gängige Einteilung in unserer Gesellschaft. Lou zählt sich zu keiner dieser Kategorien und definiert sich weder als Frau noch als Mann.
Creators Meets / web

Transcendence Through Comedy + Makeup | TCP Meets Miz Cracker

In Harlem, we visit drag performer Miz Cracker, who manages to make the subversion of gender and sexuality a truly entertaining and engaging endeavor.
Culture Beat

Striking Scenes, Illuminated Brooklyn, and Wild Performances | Culture Beat Episode 7

We check in with filmmaker Sam Cannon, re-visit the time artist Duke Riley released thousands of pigeons strapped with LEDs and chat with choreographer Katherine Maxwell.
Creators Meets / web

A Fiery Attack on Gender Norms

We meet with personal trainer-turned-performance artist Cassils, who uses the body as a form of social sculpture, examining strength, violence, power, and vulnerability by testing the limits of endurance and empathy.
Broadly Meets

The Radical Life of The First Lady of New York, Chirlane McCray

Host Diana Tourjee visits the first lady in Gracie Mansion to discuss media scrutiny, sexual fluidity, and breaking down the stigma around mental illness.
A Day With

The Consultant Teaching Trans Women How to Be 'Feminine'

In a world where trans people have been denied the right to express their gender freely, a high femme cisgender woman named Monica Prata has stepped in to help.
Daily VICE

A Former Stripper Who Makes Roadkill Art

We also check out a poetic new short film from director Terence Nance and examine Paris Hilton's gender presentation.
Daily VICE

Aziz Ansari on Race and Representation

We also investigate gender trouble in the art world and find out how cats conquered the internet.
Broadly Specials

Meet London's Female Drag Queens

Female-identified performers are dressing up in feminine drag and claiming a place in the drag community.