VICE Shorties

Dungeons and Drag Queens

Fünf Dragqueens haben als "Gaymer" ihren eigenen 'Dungeons & Dragons'-Club gegründet.
Out of This World

meet the political artists and musicians creating safe spaces in johannesburg

Out Of This World's series finale sees Mykki meet FAKA a ground-breaking performance art-duo, Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The three discuss queer erasure and celebrating their community LGBTQI through their work.
Out of This World

south africa's queer fashion designers and trans activists subverting masculinity

The second episode of Out Of This World brings you Mykki's exploration of fashion in Johannesburg. Mykki meets local designer Rich Mnisi and model Luke van der Burg.
ID New Drag

i-D Presents Faux Real

Faux Real ist Berlins einzige Drag-Party, bei der nur weibliche, nicht-binäre und trans Personen auftreten.
ID New Drag

i-D presents The Housewives of Neukölln

Triff die fabulösen und bunten Real Housewives of Neukölln, die die Berliner Drag-Szene gerade gehörig auf den Kopf stellen.

SkirtClub: Der Nacktfoto-Leak

VICE spricht mit der bisexuellen Lea über den Nacktfoto-Leak der Frauen-Swinger-Plattform "Skirt Club".
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Gay blood: A year of abstinence to donate

VICE travels to Washington D.C. to meet a man drawing attention to prohibitive restrictions on blood donations from gay men.
Tonic Specials

The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

We travel to Jackson, Mississippi, one of the hardest-hit Southern cities, to investigate why HIV among black gay men has reached epidemic proportions.
Underreported Greece

Transgender in Greece

We met two young trans people to see how life treats them in the country of Greece.
VICE Talks Film

Barry Jenkins, the Director of "Moonlight"

This coming-of-age drama follows a boy named Chiron as he grapples with his identity and sexuality, and navigates life in a rough neighborhood in Miami.
Broadly Meets

Ex-Scientology Leader and Trans Icon Kate Bornstein on What It Takes to Survive

After being exiled from the Scientology Church she became an underground queer artist, a transsexual icon, and one of the most important gender theorists in the world.
THUMP Specials

Die Resident-DJs des Pulse in Orlando sprachen mit uns über ihr Leben nach dem Attentat

DJ Infinite, DJ Simon2001 und DJ Flawless erklären, was der Club für die Stadt und ihre LGBTQ-Community bedeutete.