Los Angeles


High Octane

Shutting Down the Streets of LA: Sideshow Takeovers

In Los Angeles lassen Autofanatiker regelmäßig die Reifen durchdrehen und liefern sich ein Katz-und-Maus-Spiel mit der Polizei. Wir waren bei einem "Sunday Funday" dabei.

The World's Greatest Trump Impersonator

VICE followed John Di Domenico—an actor who has impersonated Donald Trump for 13 years—to a competition between the world's leading Trump stand-ins who look, sound, and move just like the president.
Chef's Night Out / web

Mountains of Thai Food in LA with Louis Tikaram

Mouth-melting chicken sandwiches, mounds of Thai food, and Bacardi 151 round out our journey across Los Angeles with Louis Tikaram of E.P. & L.P.
Culture Beat

Gritty Johannesburg, Human/Puppet Theater, and Canine Video Art

We visit LA-based canine groomer Jess Rona, see how theater group Phantom Limb combines human and puppet actors to surreal effect for their newest play, Memory Rings and finally head to the Kalashnikovv Gallery in Johannesburg.
Culture Beat

Surreal Masks, An Irreverent Half-Time Dance Squad, and Infinity Burial Suits

In this episode, we visit performance artist Henry David Nobody Jr.'s studio to see his provocative and transformative self-portrait masks, meet the LA City Municipal Dance Squad, and face mortality with Jae Rhim Lee's infinity burial suits.
Chef's Night Out

Frühstück zum Abendessen mit der Crew vom Sqirl

Dieses Mal geht es in den frühen Morgen mit der Köchin Jessica Koslow, die in L.A. in dem angesagten Frühstücksladen Sqirl arbeitet.
THUMP Specials

Icy Lake: Eine Night Slugs x Fade to Mind Produktion

Der Film geht dem Mysterium hinter Dat Ovens mitreißendem Track "Icy Lake" auf den Grund und verbindet dabei die Punkte zwischen Tribal House, Vogue, Grime und der Zukunft.
VICE Shorties

Removing Gang Tattoos with Homeboy Industries

Was machst du mit den ganzen Gang-Tattoos, wenn du aus deiner Gang ausgestiegen bist?
Ride Along

Austin Rivers on Playing for Dad

We rode shotgun with Austin as he waxed on his tough transition to pro ball.
Daily VICE

Getting Gang Tattoos Removed in East Los Angeles

We head to Los Angeles where Homeboy Industries has started a program to help former gang members remove their visible tattoos.
Ein Tag mit

This Female Magician Is A Real Crystal Ball Buster

Die Akademie der magischen Künste zählt berühmte Illusionisten wie David Copperfield oder Siegfried und Roy zu ihren Mitgliedern. Wir haben die einzige Frau unter den Zauberern begleitet.
Streets By VICE

Sunset Boulevard: The Definitive Los Angeles Street

For our Los Angeles episode of City Guides, we follow iconic Sunset Boulevard from east to west, linking L.A.’s past to its emerging future.