Die vergessenen Toten von Pakistan

Jedes Jahr werden auf den Straßen Karatschis rund 3.000 anonyme Tote gefunden. Wir haben die Organisation begleitet, die versucht, die Familien der Verstorbenen zu finden.
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Carola Racketes letztes Statement

Das letzte Statement der Kapitänin der Sea Watch 3, kurz bevor sie von der italienischen Polizei verhaftet wurde.

Chaos in Chemnitz

Nach der Tötung eines 35-jährigen Deutschen marschierten in Chemnitz rechtsextreme Demonstrierende auf. VICE hat vor Ort mit Neonazis gesprochen und mit Geflüchteten.
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Chile’s Migration Boom Has Led to a Major Housing Crisis

The country's foreign-born population has doubled in the last five years.
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The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News partnered with the University of British Colulmbia to investigate Chile's rising HIV problem.
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Arab Winter: Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa Valley

VICE News returns to a refugee camp in Lebanon where families continue to live in exile.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 1)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold headed to El Salvador to investigate what many are now calling a war between gangs and ​the government.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 3)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold spends a day in Usulután, a small rural region of 300,000, now in the grip of ​a new wave of ​murder​s​ and disappearances.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 5)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold examines how with deaths on both sides, the cycle of killings and retaliation shows no signs of stopping.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 2)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold finds outs what the gangs really want, and speaks with those living in fear.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 4)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold reports ​on how it is the country's youngest who are often most at risk from the violence.​
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Migrants and Refugees Test Lesbos' Limits

‘Muslims get off the island’: Tensions mount in Lesbos as migrant crisis escalates.