High Under: Auf der Suche nach Drogen im australischen Regenwald

Zusammen mit unserem sachkundigen Guide Michael Bock durchforsten wir die Berge der Dandenongs im Südosten Down Unders. Hier wachsen die Drogen in der Natur.
Culture Beat

Striking Scenes, Illuminated Brooklyn, and Wild Performances | Culture Beat Episode 7

We check in with filmmaker Sam Cannon, re-visit the time artist Duke Riley released thousands of pigeons strapped with LEDs and chat with choreographer Katherine Maxwell.
Culture Beat

Burning Man, A Brazilian Homage to Hip Hop and Big Data Roses

We head to the Black Rock, Nevada campsite home of the legendary Burning Man festival and check out the incredible art structures built throughout the grounds.
Motherboard / Clip

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks (Part 1)

Motherboard goes to Ile de Reunion to investigate the potential causes and impact of a recent spike in shark attacks on the small island.
Motherboard / Clip

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks (Trailer)

Motherboard goes to Reunion Island to investigate why this once an idyllic surfers paradise has experienced an increase in shark attacks in recent years.

Thousands of Electric Pigeons Light Up the Brooklyn Sky | Animal Art

As artist Duke Riley proves in 'Fly by Night,' LED-equipped pigeons are the new performance art.
Creators Meets / web

Michael Shainblum and the Art of the Timelapse

The artists created visual magic with his new timelapse video that spotlights epic, natural spots in California.