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Rugelach – Jüdische Croissants

Konditorin Camille Cogswell zeigt dir, wie du ihre spezielle mit Mandeln und Datteln gefüllte Variante zubereitest.

Der Alltag und die Motive der US-Antifa

VICE met up with a few Antifa activists in Philadelphia who engage in "Black Bloc" actions to find out more about their ideology, tactics, and individual reasons for participating in a high-risk form of activism.​
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Heroin Librarians

VICE News visits McPherson Square Park and Library in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia - a community being torn apart by opioid addiction.
The 2016 US Election

How China’s State Media Covers the Problems with American Democracy

The chief political correspondent for the American division of CCTV speaks about Chinese disdain for Hillary Clinton and their take on Donald Trump.
The 2016 US Election

Delegates Are Struggling to Afford Attending the Democratic Convention

Delegates saddled with thousands of dollars in expenses to attend the Democratic National Convention have to raise money to make it to Philadelphia. Jessa Lewis is one of
On The Line

Charlie LeDuff Discusses Inequality in America

VICE News contributor Charlie LeDuff (@charlieleduff) joined On The Line to discuss wealth inequality in America.
Off Day

Connor Barwin Hangs out with Kurt Vile and Dispels the Hipster Narrative

Connor Barwin doesn't fit your linebacker narrative, and he's making the most of it.
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Beef Tongue

Watch as Lee Tiernan and Brad Spence show you how to cook beef tongue.