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Barcelona's Drug Squats

In der spanischen Metropole betreiben Gangs ihr Drogengeschäft aus besetzten Wohnungen – und machen den Alltag ihrer Nachbarn damit zur Hölle.
Rites of Passage

Inside a Gang Initiation with the Silent Murder Crips

VICE followed a young prospect in Brooklyn looking to join the Crips to see what it takes to get initiated, from finding a way to meet gang members to getting "squared in"—a vicious beating at the hands of the members.
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The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK

VICE investigates why acid has become the go to weapon for young criminals in London.
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Meet Gang Members From Chicago's West Side

This year alone, 1,000 people have been shot in Chicago — a fitting statistic for a city which also just logged its deadliest year in two decades.
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A Violent Year: Chicago's Struggle with Gun Violence

VICE News visits Chicago to understand the dynamics at play between the police department and citizens amidst a dramatic spike in gun violence.
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The World Leader in Counterfeiting: Lima's Fake Dollars

VICE News goes undercover to expose the illegal trade in counterfeit money in Peru and gets rare access to the criminal forgers who show us how these bills are made.
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Removing Gang Tattoos with Homeboy Industries

Was machst du mit den ganzen Gang-Tattoos, wenn du aus deiner Gang ausgestiegen bist?
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The Fight For Trauma Care on Chicago's South Side

VICE News went to Chicago's South Side to investigate the consequences of the city's trauma care desert.
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Getting Gang Tattoos Removed in East Los Angeles

We head to Los Angeles where Homeboy Industries has started a program to help former gang members remove their visible tattoos.
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Lebkuchenmänner backen – erklärt von einem Ex-Gangmitglied

Gordy Abriel von Homeboy Bakery Industries aus Los Angeles zeigt uns, wie man Lebkuchenmänner bäckt.
Art World

Street Art to Save a Generation

Local artists on Honduras are taking back the streets through an emerging art scene.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 1)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold headed to El Salvador to investigate what many are now calling a war between gangs and ​the government.