Future Tense

Inside China's World of Virtual Influencers

With the growth of the Metaverse, the space for virtual influencers is expanding. VICE World News takes a look inside the world of virtual influencers in China.
Inside My Mind / web

Fred Armisen Meets Tiny Aliens

In this episode we explore inside Fred Armisen's mind where he goes on a journey in space and meets some tiny aliens on the way.
Inside My Mind

Comedic Legend Jim Gaffigan Explains Closing the Political Divide | Inside My Mind

VICE host Trey Smith leads actor-comedian Jim Gaffigan on an animated guided meditation.
Stories From The Other World

Timo Tjahjanto's Terrifying Encounter With a Resort Town Demon

In this episode of Stories From The Other World, acclaimed Indonesian horror director Timo Tjahjanto tells VICE about the time a heavy-breathing creature from the other world terrorized him on a family vacation.

Tommy's Fight to be Different from the All Rest

Tommy Ambiyo Tedji is the creator and owner of the boundary-pushing fashion brand BYO. Seeds Motion is an innovative 3D animation studio. Together they collaborated on a short that captures what it's like for Tommy to stick out in the fashion scene.

Didiet Maulana's True Calling For Fashion

Didiet Maulana, creator of IKAT Indonesia explains how he created an original clothing brand using traditional fabrics but with an urban twist.

ROH Projects’ Truth about Originality in Art

Owi Liunic visits ROH Projects and finds out what originality means within the art world.

Ramengvrl's Road to Rebellion and Flow

Ramengvrl is one of Indonesia's trending hip-hop artists. She's shares her journey from her mundane office cubicle to realizing her potential for slinging rhymes. A VICE Indonesia Production, In Partnership with JD.ID®

Jovi Adhiguna's Guide To Looking Fabulous And Being Real

Jakarta style icon Jovi Adhiguna talks about avoiding hate and living your truest life.
Stories From The Other World

Chicco Jerikho Is Haunted By a Piano

In this episode of From The Other World, VICE speaks to actor Chicco Jerikho about the ghosts in his grandparents house and the piano that haunts him to this very day.