Zeke Spector Is Not Afraid

Is the Media Altering Our Perception of Crime?

Zeke Spector spirals down the rabbit hole to investigate his own fascination with crime while exploring what communities and the media can do to reduce the crime rate.
Bad Blood

Why I Left Being A Gangster

Meet Rahul Jadhav. A former gang member, gunrunner, and a money launderer, he today is an popular ultra marathon runner. This is his story of finding redemption.
Bad Blood

How I Managed to Shoot the Yakuza | Bad Blood

Seung-Woo Yang entered the universe of the Korean Yakuza in his teens. A personal tragedy made him start photographing the world, to cement his memories with his friends.
Dogs of War

The Rise of Brazil’s Biggest Prison Gang | Dogs of War

Brazil's largest prison gang, the PCC, has massacred police, shut down cities and controls 60% of Brazil’s cocaine market. VICE meets the organisation's leader, Marcola.

Pakistan's Forgotten Dead

Each year about 3000 unidentified corpses are found on the streets of Karachi. Meet the mortuary workers who track them and try to reunite the bodies with their families
VICE Specials

Wanted for Drug Trafficking: Life on the Run

VICE goes behind the scenes of the life of Quintin “QNHannaz” Walters, a man on the run from the law who has decided to turn himself in.
Indonesia Riot

Are Indonesian Universities Failing to Protect the Victims of Sexual Assault?

Campus sexual assault has long been a serious, but rarely discussed, issue at Indonesian universities. VICE talks to experts and survivors to investigate how big of a problem it is.
क se Crime

The Hired Guns of the Indian Heartland: Sh for Shooter | Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

Crime reporters, police officers, and former criminals give us an expert breakdown of what it takes to be a shooter in eastern UP. Everything from recruitment to murder for hire, in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'Sh se Shooter'. #कseCrime

Inside Taiwan’s Most Notorious Mafia

VICE sat down with a few members of the Bamboo Union, Taiwan’s biggest underground crime syndicate, to find out how the gang operates.
Indonesia Riot

Inside Indonesia's Notorious Debt Collecting Industry: The Debtfathers

Debt collecting in Indonesia is usually seen as the domain of the underworld. We meet the biggest players in the industry to see how they're breaking the negative stigma.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Crime and Capitalism—Maryland's Cash Bail System

Maryland's highest court may decide that the state's judges must stop setting bail amounts they know defendants cannot pay.
VICE News Shorts

Ginseng rush: Asia's appetite for ginseng threatens the root in America

The first rule of ginseng club is you don’t talk about ginseng club… but that could be changing