Meet the Iconic & Legendary Mothers of Ballroom | i-Cons

i-D meets five of American ballroom culture’s most esteemed mothers at the CÎROC Iconic Ball at KOKO in Camden, London.
The Rainbow Guide to Life

China's Drag Community Finds Acceptance

In this episode of Rainbow Guide to Life, China’s pioneering drag queen, Kudos, shows VICE World News the online world of drag in China.
Local Legends

London’s Joyful Lockdown Ravers

We meet Joy Anonymous, a dance collective that brought happiness to Londoners during the misery of lockdown by throwing parties on the River Thames.
VICE Asia Pacific

Finding Family in Bangkok’s Rising Drag Scene

Two seasons in, Drag Race Thailand has catapulted the art form into mainstream consciousness across the region. In this doc, we explore what it takes to find family in the drag scene in Bangkok and meet many veterans and up and coming stars.
VICE Asia Pacific

Finding Family In Bangkok’s Drag Queens

Drag Race Thailand has catapulted the art form into mainstream consciousness. In this doc, we explore what it takes to find family in the drag scene in Bangkok.
VICE Meets

A Bharatanatyam Dancer Challenging Racial Stereotypes: Charles Ma

Charles Ma is a Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer who has managed to succeed despite the racial boundaries that exist within the world of Indian classical dance.

Disco Isn't Dead in Indonesia: Indopop

In this episode of Indopop, a series made in partnership with GO-JEK that's all about nostalgia, we look back at the golden age of Indonesian disco and then meet the people behind its revival today.
Indonesia Riot

Inside a Wild Indonesian Circumcision Party: Boogie Horse

Kuda Renggong is a wild Indonesian Ritual celebrating young boys' circumcision. Dancing horses carry boys in colorful costumes around town, paving their way into manhood.
Indonesia Riot

Indonesia's Ancient Drag Queen Tradition: Lengger Lanang

After the communist crackdown in the 1960's, Lengger Lanang disappeared. VICE follows a group of men reawakening Lengger's drag roots.
Break The Stereo

Masculinity Meets Fashion With Toton Januar

Toton Januar talks about finding his true purpose in life through fashion and drawing outside of the box.
Break The Stereo

On The Road With Rahung Nasution

Rahung Nasution, petualang sekaligus chef, membahas tekanan sosial yang kerap ditimpakan pada lelaki penolak kemapanan dan memilih hidup di jalan.
Break The Stereo

Dancing And Dreaming With Siko Setyanto

Ballet dancer Siko Setyanto breaks down masculinity and talks about how he expresses himself through movement.