Gen Z's Online Alliance Demanding Democracy

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal advocates for democracy in Thailand and countries where he believes the Chinese government threatens people’s human rights and freedom.
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A Pro Democracy Activist Explains What Went Wrong in Myanmar

Thinzar Shunlei Yi, a young pro democracy activist from Myanmar tells us why democracy in the country had always been fragile.
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VICE Meets Umar Khalid: India’s Young, Pro-Democratic Voice

We spent a day with Umar Khalid, the civil rights activist and former student leader, against the backdrop of the anti Citizenship Amendment Act protests.
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VICE Votes: Young Indian Voters Speak Up On General Elections 2019

As India votes to get its next government, we get young Indians to talk about politics, culture, identity, and what they think is the need of the hour for the country.
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VICE Votes: Young Indonesian Voters Speak Up On The 2019 Election

In VICE Votes, we ask young Indonesian voters what they care about and what kind of person they want to see lead the country.
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Fault Lines: Trials and Tribulations on the Streets of Jakarta

Blasphemy trials, massive protests and a divisive campaign have lead to one of the biggest political battles Jakarta has ever seen.

VICE Asks: What Was The Most Important Issue In This Election?

After a grueling and combative race for governor, voters in Jakarta tell us what issues affected them the most.
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Jakarta Votes

The 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election has been like few others. VICE Indonesia heads around Jakarta on election day talking to resident who are affected most.