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How Oregon Republican Senators killed a bill by running away from the police

All 11 of Oregon’s Republican senators have fled the state, instead of voting on a Democrat-supported climate change bill. Then the governor called the cops on them, to try to bring them back.
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The Wild Story of FBI Lovers Using Agency Phones to Go Off on Trump Is Now a Play

This is what DC's most dangerous play looks like
Life Lines

George & Martha

After being put in a wheelchair from a major car crash in New Zealand's South Island, George is getting a tattoo to mark the end of his physical and emotional healing.
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Here's how The Last Black Man in San Francisco was made

The makers of The Last Black Man in San Francisco told us how they made it. But really, just go see the movie.
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This Sports Network Is Trying to Uncover the Next Superstars Through Viral Videos

How this sports network is helping teen athletes become household names
One Day We're All Going To Die

Memento Mori

Sam Te Kani meets renowned photographic artist Fiona Pardington to discuss death as a central theme in art and learns how to make a memento mori.
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Do you hate “Hamilton”? Now you can see a play about how much it sucks

Randy Newman, known to many for singing the “Toy Story” theme song, wrote a song about Donald Trump, but never recorded it.
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Why Child Muay Thai matches are still huge in Thailand, even after a tragedy

After the death of a 13 year old Muay Thai fighter, Thailand is considering banning child fights. But fans like things the way they are.
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The First Vaccine For Malaria Has Arrived

But the drug has proven to be about 40 percent effective, whereas most widely-used childhood vaccines have about 85 to 95 percent efficacy.
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Louisiana Is Getting an Unlimited Supply of a $24K Hep C Cure

The list price of Epclusa is $74,760; the generic is priced at $24,000.
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MS-13 Offered to Negotiate Peace in El Salvador. Their New President Said No.

At 37, Nayib Bukele will be the first millennial head of state in Latin America.
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What it’s like working at a company where everyone knows your salary

Can pay transparency solve income inequality?