The Man Who Eats Roadkill

Meet 73-year-old Arthur Boyt, notorious resident of remote Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and connoisseur of cooking and eating roadkill - nothing is too far fetched or fanciful to end up on his plate.
VICE Meets

VICE Meets Hentai Manga Artist Toshio Maeda | The Godfather of Tentacle Porn

Toshio Maeda, the creator of hit manga series "Urotsukidoji", drew tentacles as a way to circumvent Japan's strict censorship, unwittingly creating - tentacle porn.

Ha11BX1371ween Special (Watch Full Screen)

A creepy video is mysteriously posted online & goes viral. The clues internet sleuths uncover are bone-chilling, including audio spectrograms of the video spelling out “You Are Already Dead” & depicting graphic scenes of torture…
Stories From The Other World

Timo Tjahjanto's Terrifying Encounter With a Resort Town Demon

In this episode of Stories From The Other World, acclaimed Indonesian horror director Timo Tjahjanto tells VICE about the time a heavy-breathing creature from the other world terrorized him on a family vacation.
VICE Guide to Film

Headhunting With Indonesia's Special Effects Wizard

VICE's Katyusha Methanisa meets the movie effects pro behind "Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts."
Stories From The Other World

Chicco Jerikho Is Haunted By a Piano

In this episode of From The Other World, VICE speaks to actor Chicco Jerikho about the ghosts in his grandparents house and the piano that haunts him to this very day.
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Talking About Ghosts and Feminism In a Cemetery With Tara Basro

Model and actor Tara Basro joins VICE Indonesia in a cemetery to talk about the time she got possessed and why more men should be naked on screen.