Munchies Ramadan

Fasting During a Pandemic

This year, the tradition of Ramadan was unlike any other.
Indonesia Riot

Heaven and Hell: Indonesia’s Battle Over Polygamy

In Indonesia, a new front is fighting to popularize polygamy, a controversial practice, even in this Muslim-majority nation. VICE travels to West Java to meet the people behind this movement.
Indonesia Riot

Mamah Dedeh Is the Badass Muslim Preaching Mom of Indonesia

For Ramadan, VICE tagged along with a group of middle-aged Indonesian housewives on their trip to see a badass fellow mom and Muslim preacher, Mamah Dedeh, in action.
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We spoke to Rohingya Muslims fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

VICE News travels to Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh, where Rohingya refugees are fleeing ethnic cleansing in neighboring Myanmar.
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ISIS destroyed iconic Islam mosque as a “symbolic action”

The Grand Mosque of al-Nuri, one of Islam’s great cultural and religious monuments, was destroyed in the battle for Mosul.
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A Saudi prince created a comic-book heroine who wears a veil

VICE News attended Saudi Arabia's first-ever Comic Con in Jeddah, the conservative Gulf state’s culture capital.
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Fault Lines: Trials and Tribulations on the Streets of Jakarta

Blasphemy trials, massive protests and a divisive campaign have lead to one of the biggest political battles Jakarta has ever seen.
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How Muslim pilgrimages could diversify Saudi economy

The Hajj Effect