Tommy's Fight to be Different from the All Rest

Tommy Ambiyo Tedji is the creator and owner of the boundary-pushing fashion brand BYO. Seeds Motion is an innovative 3D animation studio. Together they collaborated on a short that captures what it's like for Tommy to stick out in the fashion scene.
Indonesia Riot

Heaven and Hell: Indonesia’s Battle Over Polygamy

In Indonesia, a new front is fighting to popularize polygamy, a controversial practice, even in this Muslim-majority nation. VICE travels to West Java to meet the people behind this movement.

ROH Projects’ Truth about Originality in Art

Owi Liunic visits ROH Projects and finds out what originality means within the art world.

Ramengvrl's Road to Rebellion and Flow

Ramengvrl is one of Indonesia's trending hip-hop artists. She's shares her journey from her mundane office cubicle to realizing her potential for slinging rhymes. A VICE Indonesia Production, In Partnership with JD.ID®

Jovi Adhiguna's Guide To Looking Fabulous And Being Real

Jakarta style icon Jovi Adhiguna talks about avoiding hate and living your truest life.
Indonesia Riot

Inside a Wild Indonesian Circumcision Party: Boogie Horse

Kuda Renggong is a wild Indonesian Ritual celebrating young boys' circumcision. Dancing horses carry boys in colorful costumes around town, paving their way into manhood.
Stories From The Other World

Chicco Jerikho Is Haunted By a Piano

In this episode of From The Other World, VICE speaks to actor Chicco Jerikho about the ghosts in his grandparents house and the piano that haunts him to this very day.
Indonesia Riot

Speed Jockeys: Teen Dragsters Risking It All For Fame And Fortune

Indonesia's underground drag racing scene is huge, with bets of thousands of dollars on high-stakes street races. VICE follows a young racer as he climbs the podium and risks his life for fame and fortune.
Indonesia Riot

Indonesia's Ancient Drag Queen Tradition: Lengger Lanang

After the communist crackdown in the 1960's, Lengger Lanang disappeared. VICE follows a group of men reawakening Lengger's drag roots.
Google Searchlight

Chasing Boars And Metalheads in Bandung With Alex Abbad

In this episode of "Searchlight," Alex Abbad checks out Jakarta's artsy neighbor, Bandung.