Late Night Munchies

Late Night Munchies: South Korea Edition

“This place is open 24x7… That means they want you to drink all night” Fresh snails, barbecued garlic octopus and bottles of Soju ready to order even past midnight… Partying in a port city like Busan has its perks.

Sex Abuse in the Korean Military

South Korea’s military is considered one of its most male-dominant institutions. In 2021, a female soldier committed suicide after being repeatedly sexually assaulted.
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These Korean Adoptees Are Returning to Their Birth Country, to Stay

The number of children born in South Korea, who were put up for international adoption reached its peak in the 1980s. Now this generation of Korean adoptees is returning.
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Korea's Club Culture Struggles With COVID-19 Cluster Stigma | Empty Dance Floors in Itaewon, Seoul

At the time when South Korea seemed to have everything in control, one club goer’s visit to its capital’s nightclub district set off a chain of events.
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North Korea Is Provoking South Korea, But the Real Enemy Is the U.S.

VICE News explores the significance of the symbolic move by North Korea and what it means for the future of diplomacy between the neighboring countries.
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Exploring Korea's Growing Indie Music and Surf Culture

Pro surfer Tipi Jabrik visits Korea to check out the burgeoning surf culture and find out how Korean Indie music is finally challenging K-pop.
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We Visit Thailand's Muscle-Bound Mecca of Fighting

Muay Thai and kickboxing are a part of Thai culture. Tipi Jabrik visits Phukets muscle beach to learn how to fight while looking for waves.
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We Found An Ancient Tattoo Culture Being Reborn In The Philippines

Traditional tattoos called Batok were once banned in the Philippines by Spanish colonialists, pro surfer Tipi Jabrik goes on a road trip to see how Filipinos are reclaiming their culture
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On Patrol with South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team

VICE follows a suicide rescue team on the Han River in Seoul, South Korea to understand what the country is doing to end its suicide epidemic.
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Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

VICE News goes to Korea to meet the group that's planning to use balloons to launch copies of "The Interview" into North Korea.