Gen Z's Online Alliance Demanding Democracy

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal advocates for democracy in Thailand and countries where he believes the Chinese government threatens people’s human rights and freedom.
The Big Steal

How Malaysia’s Banking Scandal Led To the Death of an Auditor

The Bank Bumiputra scandal was one of Malaysia’s biggest financial scandals before 1MDB. In this episode of 'The Big Steal' we see how it all went down.

Arrested and Assaulted, Malaysian Graphic Artist Fahmi Reza Calls Out State Censorship

VICE World News’ Heather Chen speaks to controversial graphic artist, Fahmi Reza, about his experiences with censorship in Malaysia under the new laws.
VICE World News APAC

Malaysia is Jailing People for Attempted Suicide

A colonial-era law in Malaysia still punishes some suicide attempts with a prison sentence.
Indonesia Riot

Kidnapped By ISIS-Linked Pirates In the Philippines: Terror at Sea

Indonesian fishermen are leaving their poorer villages for Malaysia for higher pay and steady work, sailing right into the jaws of Abu Sayyaf, a feared terrorist group.

How To Make Nasi Lemak - The National Dish of Malaysia

Chef Kyo Pang of the NYC restaurant Kopitiam makes the beloved national dish of Malaysia: nasi lemak.
The VICE Guide to Singapore

A Buah Keluak Recipe With Malcolm Lee And Family

Malcolm Lee, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Candlenut, visits his aunt to learn the secret reasons his own babi buah keluak might impress the food critics, but not his aunties.
Hidden Cities

Hidden Cities: Singapore

Singaporean Mark Ong shows us why his hometown is an underrated art and fashion hub.
Hidden Cities

Hidden Cities: Kuala Lumpur

Graffiti artist Asmoe is turning Kuala Lumpur's forgotten walls into stunning works of art