I Was There / web

I Was There - Escaping from China to Taiwan during the War

A story about Gao Binghan a 13 year old boy who escaped alone in 1949, during the China Civil War to Taiwan, along with two million others. He lives to tell the tale.
Better Man / web

Partying at America's Wildest House to Become a Better Man

In an effort to get over social awkwardness, Taji attends a party at the Sausage Castle, known as the Wildest House in America.
Bong Appétit / S3 EP11


B Real, Vanessa Lavorato and Miguel Trinidad host a cannabis-infused dinner party to discuss topics from bad edible experiences to justice for cannabis convictions.
Bong Appétit / Extra Scene

Tumbling Kief & Smoking Chillum

In this extra scene from BONG APPÉTIT: COOKOFF, Chef Miguel and the Dank Duchess school the judges' lounge on advanced methods of cannabis consumption.

Disco Isn't Dead in Indonesia: Indopop

In this episode of Indopop, a series made in partnership with GO-JEK that's all about nostalgia, we look back at the golden age of Indonesian disco and then meet the people behind its revival today.
Indonesia Riot

Inside a Wild Indonesian Circumcision Party: Boogie Horse

Kuda Renggong is a wild Indonesian Ritual celebrating young boys' circumcision. Dancing horses carry boys in colorful costumes around town, paving their way into manhood.
Easy Riders

Jakarta by Those Who Know It Best: Down South

In this episode of Easy Riders, Kelly Tandiono, Dipha Barus, and Kalulla tour South Jakarta and take us record hunting and find the inventor of Jakarta's original sate taichan.