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Gun Owners & Users Debate America’s Gun Problem

Why is America's gun debate so loaded? A panel of gun owners and users debates AR15s, red flag laws, school shootings, mental health, and why Americans don't feel safe.
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Why Witchcraft is Still Getting Women Killed

Almost 200 people, mostly women, have been murdered in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, accused of witchcraft and sorcery. We meet women who were branded as witches by their neighbours or relatives and have been forced into a life of exile.

China Might Have Found a Way to Beat the Pandemic - Increased Surveillance | Gen 跟 China

VICE World News’ latest series, ‘Gen 跟 China’ is an insider’s view of the country as it navigates a post-pandemic world.
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What It's Like Being Declared a Witch in Modern India

Almost 200 people, mostly women, have been murdered in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, accused of witchcraft and sorcery. We meet the women branded as "witches"
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This Ex-Cop Explains Why People Are Still Dying in Indian Police Custody

Well over 1,700 people have died in police custody in India since 2001. But for the victims and their families, justice still remains out of reach.
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Police Debate Female Cops, Arrest Quotas, & Racial Bias

Vice's Lee Adams invited 8 police officers to candidly discuss and debate police structures and policies including: racism, excessive force, and defunding the police.
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Journalists Covering Protests Are Being Attacked By Police Across America

"I am press," they said. It didn't matter.
What The Florida

Cops Mistake Doughnut Glaze for Drugs | What the Florida?

Krispy Kreme or Crystal Meth? That was the question posed to the Orlando Police officers who falsely arrested 64-year-old Daniel Rushing after pulling him over and finding doughnut glaze in his car.
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Wanted for Drug Trafficking: Life on the Run

VICE goes behind the scenes of the life of Quintin “QNHannaz” Walters, a man on the run from the law who has decided to turn himself in.
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We spoke to Rohingyas taking up arms against Myanmar’s government

VICE News sits down with members of Arsa militant group who reveal their intentions in refugee camps in Bangladesh.
Indonesia Riot

Speed Jockeys: Teen Dragsters Risking It All For Fame And Fortune

Indonesia's underground drag racing scene is huge, with bets of thousands of dollars on high-stakes street races. VICE follows a young racer as he climbs the podium and risks his life for fame and fortune.
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We spoke to Rohingya Muslims fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

VICE News travels to Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh, where Rohingya refugees are fleeing ethnic cleansing in neighboring Myanmar.