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Black Ink Crew Chicago Review the Worst VICE Employee Tattoos

VICE employees share their worst tattoos and stories with Ryan Henry and Charmaine Walker from “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.” These ink faux pas are permanent, but so is the crown. May the worst tattoo win!
The VICE Guide To Right Now

The Worst Tattoos of Dew Tour 2019

Taji checks out bad tattoos at the Dew Tour.
Under The Ink

Confronting Favela Violence Through Tattoos

In this episode of Under the Ink, VICE meets Tucka, a local tattoo artist in Rocinha, one of Rio de Janeiro's largest favelas.
Under The Ink

Papua New Guinean Traditional Tattoos

We follow Julia Mage’au Gray into the world of Pasifika (Pacific Islander) traditional tattoos and its resurgence within modern-day Australia and New Zealand.
Life Lines

Jaden & James

Jaden suffered "some heavy stuff" after surviving a car crash that left him with a metal plate down his femur. But he lives to tell us his story thanks to belting up.
Life Lines

Willy & Rohan

After being in a serious car crash Willy finds new appreciation for the simple things in life and wants a permanent reminder of this new found mind frame.
Life Lines

Abdullah & Sam

Meet Abdullah, after leaving war torn Iraq to move to Aotearoa, New Zealand he had a life changing car crash. He lives to tell us his story thanks to wearing his seatbelt.
Life Lines

Kahutia & Rawiri

VICE spends time with Kahu, a car crash survivor who had his arm trapped under his car, however, it could have been much worse.
Under The Ink

Shoreline Crips Scratcher Turned Street Tattoo Artist

VICE meets Looney, an OG Shoreline Crip from Venice Beach, CA, and learns about his journey from prison to street tattoo artist.
Indonesia Riot

The Women Who Used Tattoos to Save Themselves From Sexual Slavery

During Japanese occupation, thousands of Southeast Asian women were forced to serve as sex workers. But on one tiny island in Indonesia, local women resisted by heavily tattooing themselves. VICE traveled to meet the last tattooed women of Timor.