Kraft Classico - How We Became Family

Alexis's Adopted Family Spans Across Four Decades

Alexis and her multi-cultural, multi-generational adopted family stuck out in their small town, but always had one another to lean on.
Canada Dry / web

Bold Eats: Hibiscus Ginger Punch

Cara Nicholetti pops a few bottles to make a punch that will brighten your holiday.
T-Mobile The Young and the Scammed / web

The Young and the Scammed Episode 2

It was a scam based on extortion... and emotion.
Porsche Sauce Talk

A Silhouette For the Racetrack and the Street | Sauce Talk

To Cheech, what's wrong with a little fashion forward Euro vibe? Absolutely nothing.
Canada Dry / web

Bold Eats: Sausage, Kale, and Mushroom Strata

Cara Nicoletti shows us an easy and delicious recipe to satisfy your family this holiday season.
T-Mobile The Young and the Scammed / web

T-Mobile The Young and the Scammed Episode 1

This second-generation immigrant, and college student, was the perfect victim.
Porsche Sauce Talk

Motorsports Meet Sneakerheads | Sauce Talk

VICE's Director of Merchandise, Cheech, gives us the style rundown on Porsche and Puma's latest drop: The Future Rider.
Kraft Classico - How We Became Family

A Trans, Black, Latina Student Finds Her Chosen Family at College

Sage and her chosen family are students at Bard, editors of Team Mag, creative collaborators, and most importantly: a support system for one another.
Durex Finishing School

How TikTok Is Revolutionizing Safe Sex Ed | Finishing School Episode 3

60% of global youth say that sex ed in school hasn’t prepared them for safe sex irl. In this episode of Finishing School, we explore the massive gaps in sex ed, and what it takes to break the taboo of talking about sex.
MINI Cooper - Fly the Coop

Fly the Coop

They don’t make postcards for destinations like these, but if they did, they’d look something like this.
76 Presents "Day Trippin' "

Joshua Tree | Day Tripping with PJ

R+B singer PJ visits a venue where she has performed.
76 Presents "Day Trippin' "

In The Studio | Day Tripping with PJ

R&B singer PJ talks about life in Los Angeles