Politics of Sex

No uterus, No money, No papers

Women in Beed, an impoverished, drought-hit district in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, are resorting to removing their uterus. These women are sugarcane labourers and work for nearly 18 hours every day during the cutting season.

Trolley Times

Navkiran Natt is one of the founders of Trolley Times, a newspaper started as a voice of farmers' protest. With a following of 100k, Trolley Times has used its platform to push for a repeal of three contentious farm laws in India.
Eat Better

The Farmers Who Give Away Food for Free

MUNCHIES visits Soul Fire Farm, an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system in upstate NY.
VICE World News APAC

Poverty, and Palm Oil are Driving Deforestation in Indonesia

VICE travels to the forests of Aceh province, a region still struggling with palm oil related deforestation, a troubling history of burning land, and an impoverished community caught in a vicious cycle of poverty.
The Latest

COVID-19’s Devastating Effect on American Farmers

Why are there shortages in grocery stores while farmers are destroying their crops? Why are pigs being euthanized? Why are millions of pounds of potatoes going to waste?

Homeless Families Are Taking Over Vacant Homes to Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

A group of families in Los Angeles are occupying vacant homes owned by Caltrans, the state transit authority, in the East LA neighborhood of El Sereno.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Kansas Wheat Farmers Look To Cuba To Solve U.S. Agriculture Crisis

We look into what lifting the Cuba trade embargo could mean for Kansas’s wheat farmers