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"Be A Man”: Modernists and Traditionalists Debate Masculinity

What's the state of masculinity in America? From toxic masculinity to dating to big dick energy, this revealing discussion digs into the issues challenging men today.
The Believers

The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade Civilization'

Bentinho Massaro claims to be helping his followers by encouraging spiritual enlightenment with an eye toward “upgrading civilization.” His followers praise his style, but critics slam his fringe ideas and irreverent tactics.
The Believers

The Satanic Temple's Protest for First Amendment Rights

VICE’s Charlet Duboc follows The Satanic Temple to Arkansas during one of their latest protests, which involved an attempt to install a statue of Baphomet in front of the state’s Capitol as a rally to protect First Amendment rights.
THUMP Specials

DJ JAZ and the Church of Episco-Disco

In the first episode of THUMP Profiles, THUMP travels to JAZ's home in Charleston, South Carolina to catch a sermon behind the altar (and the decks), firsthand.

Convince Me God Exists

An overly optimistic co-host is assigned to the show to help our host while he struggles to maintain his issues. Contestants play Convince Me God Exists, a game where they have to convince an atheist that God exists in 10 seconds or less.
Noisey Specials

Viagem ao "Woodstock Cristão"

Noisey travels to the largest Christian music festival in the country. Or as attendees like to call it, the Christian Woodstock.

Satanic Art: A Fight for Freedom

The Creators Project spends the day with some members of The Satanic Temple as they unveil their newest sculpture of Baphomet at their Salem Gallery.
Broadly Specials

The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch the Ground

Broadly heads to Nepal to witness the centuries-old tradition of worshipping Kumari, a living goddess manifested in the body of a young girl.

Getting Drunk on God

The Drunken Glory movement, at which people appeared to be inebriated and high purely off the power of God, is on the rise.