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Latinx Conservatives and Liberals Debate the Wall, Immigration, and Race (Part 1/2)

Liberal and conservative members of the Latinx community duke it out at the VICE Miami office.
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Election Breakdowns: Offshore Detention

How “Stop the Boats” became both Labor and the Liberals’ go-to campaign slogan.
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Why politicians rarely face consequences for sexual misconduct

Amid a series of harassment allegations, neither party’s leadership appears to be effective. What’s their long game?
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“Recovered” gay man is leading the Catholic church's alt-right movement

Catholicism’s Breitbart: The site 'Church Militant,' and founder Michael Voris are targeting liberal priests
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Politics In The Wild: Hen's Night

Elections: that brief window once every three years when politicians care what "regular people" think. So VICE's Maddison Connaughton crashed a stranger's hens party to try and find out what makes female voters tick.
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Politics In The Wild Episode: Boardgame Night

A VICE host, Maddison Connaughton. ventures out into the wild to poll every day Australians on the current state of the election, and politics in general.
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Election Podcast Highlights Episode 1

Check out the highlights from the first episode of our three-part Election Podcast.
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This Armed Group is Trying to be the New Face of Left-Wing Activism

VICE News travels to Asheboro, North Carolina, to meet the Redneck Revolt, a new radical anti-far-right organization calling for a resistance.