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Why We Must Never Forget The Bhopal Gas Disaster | I Was There

In 1984, one of the world's worst industrial disasters befell the residents of Bhopal, India, when a nearby pesticide plant leaked a toxic gas. Veteran photojournalist Raghu Rai was there to photograph its aftermath.
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Grandma Techno Captures Detroit's Rave Culture

76-year-old Patricia Lay-Dorsey AKA Grandma Techno has been taking photos at Movement festival in Detroit since 2005. We talk with her about her new photo book and how today's dance music culture mirrors the ‘60s.
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Sleep Paralysis Inspired This Photographer to Recreate his Nightmares

For years, artist Nicolas Bruno has suffered from sleep paralysis, a terrifying condition in which he is paralyzed while experiencing vivid nightmares in his dream state.

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Photographer Freya Esders shares her tips on taking pictures at night
i-D Meets

i-D meets: next generation photographers

Join i-D on a cross-country journey with three of the most exciting photographers working today. Working separately in fashion, documentary and portrait photography - they're a new breed that have found a way to blend all three…
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Murray Cammick

Murray Cammick aspired to take “un-rock-and-roll” photos of the musicians that would become some of the world’s biggest stars in the 70s and 80s, capturing poignant moments in intimate settings.
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Derek Henderson

Derek Henderson photographs workers on the butchery lines of New Zealand’s slaughterhouses, asking if witnessing that much death is visible on the human face.
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Honey Long & Prue Stent

Visual artists Prue Stent and Honey Long collaborate and use photography to talk about the places where our sexuality, physicality, and mentality intersect.
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Abdul Abdullah

Perth-born visual artist Abdul Abdullah unpacks his work and the messages behind. Abdullah talks about the political, personal and social implications of racial prejudice—of living as part of a perceived minority.
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Seeing New York through Daniel Arnold's Eyes

Creators spends the day with Daniel Arnold, a photographer who has gained rapid success on social media for his spontaneous, candid portraits of every day city life
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Molly Harris

Documentary photographer Molly Harris talks about her stark and telling portrait series 'Closer to Heaven,' and the intricacies of living with heroin addiction as a sex worker in Adelaide.
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Alexandra Marzella's Unapologetic Nude Self-Portraits

Alexandra Marzella investigates the notions of truth, beauty, and sexuality through the medium of Instagram.