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The Plant Based Taco Scene in LA | Todos Los Tacos

Explore the booming plant based Taco Scene of LA as Paco explores three unique takes on tacos with a trip to Hijo des su Madre, Alchemy Organica, and El Cocinero.
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Todos Los Tacos: Flavor and Tradition

In this episode we meet Enrique Olvera, who has reimagined tacos for his renowned restaurant Pujol in Mexico. We’ll then check out his restaurant Ditroit in Los Angeles, as Fransisco meets chef Jesus Cervantes to see how to make sustainable tacos.
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Make Tortillas At Home with Francisco Gómez

Francisco Gómez from “Todos Los Tacos” is at home making tortillas from scratch, and you can do it too.
Todos Los Tacos

The Birthplace of the Burrito

Everything is bigger in Texas, but this is also true for Chihuahua, its neighboring state on the other side of the border. This is why, the burrito, the biggest taco of them all was created there.
Todos Los Tacos

Eating Insect Tacos - The Ultimate Taco Tour of Mexico

In this episode of All The Tacos, we tested just how far Francisco’s love for tacos goes by making him hunt for—and eat—bugs and insects.
Todos Los Tacos

Slow Roasted Pork Tacos in Mexico

Francisco Gómez heads to Yucatan to learn the secrets of cochinita, a pork dish made by slow-roasting the Mexican Creole hairless pig in an underground oven.
Todos Los Tacos

Eating the Alligator Fish - All The Tacos

All The Tacos is back! In this episode Francisco Gómez heads to Tabasco, Mexico to try the Pejelagarto taco, made with garfish (pejelagarto), a prehistoric fish that looks like a small alligator.
Todos Los Tacos

Searching for The Best Visceras Tacos in Mexico City

On this episode of All The Tacos, host Francisco Gómez is searching Mexico City for the best visceras tacos.
Todos Los Tacos

Searching for the Best Carnitas in Mexico

Francisco Gómez is back on his quest to discover everything there is to know about tacos in Mexico. On this episode, he's exploring Quiroga in Michoacán, the carnitas capital of the world.