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Why White European tourists are visiting South African slums

We went on a slum tour with some white Europeans in South Africa
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The U.S. Army is painting Trump’s border wall. We went to find out what color.

President Trump promised a big, beautiful wall. American troops are spending their summer painting it.
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The Muslim Patrol That’s Looking Out For Brooklyn Mosques

A group of Muslim volunteers in Brooklyn have taken to the streets in patrol cars that look like NYPD Vehicles, in an effort to create a community watch
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A million Hong Kongers marched to stop an extradition bill, now they’re facing rubber bullets

Protestors staged a sit-in overnight outside of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, with the intention of blocking the government from convening on Wednesday.
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Mexico’s president thinks the tariff deal was a victory, too

Mexico’s president is celebrating the tariff deal just as much as Trump
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Trans Activist Miss Major Revisits The Stonewall Riots

50 years after the Stonewall uprising kicked off the LGBTQ rights movement, we met up with Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a black trans woman who was there.
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Donald Trump is half Scottish, but what do the Scots make of the President?

As Donald Trump arrives in the UK, we find out what the inhabitants of his ancestral homeland think of the President.
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What D-Day was like from both sides of Normandy

VICE News relives Normandy with a 94 year-old veteran of the Nazi army in Germany, and with a 93 year-old veteran of the American army in California.
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A Huge Part of Crucial Aid for Puerto Rico is Still In Limbo

Blue tarps, temporary bridges, and sighs: Puerto Rico almost two years after Hurricane Maria
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This app is like an Uber for companionship

Old and lonely? Of course there's an app for that
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Why Seth Moulton Revealed His PTSD: "Fuck It, It's The Right Thing to Do"

You’ve probably never heard of Rep. Seth Moulton, the 20th candidate to enter the presidential race, but we spent 48 hours with him.
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Meet the Top Gun Pilot Who Chased a UFO in an F/A-18F Super Hornet

Remember those UFO's? We went to hear the Navy pilot who chased one