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How the U.S. is helping Saudi Arabia fight a controversial war in Yemen

Saudi Arabia's crown prince visits the White House on Tuesday, while the Senate debates withdrawing U.S. support for the kingdom's intervention in Yemen. We look at the U.S. involvement Yemen's war, and what's at stake in the proposed legislation to end i
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How Trump has ramped up the war on terror

In President Trump’s first year as commander-in-chief, U.S. military activity intensified in nearly every theater of war he inherited, a VICE News review of publicly available information on military operations shows.
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Yemenis Fight For Survival With ‘Bread March'

Yemenis fight for survival with ‘Bread March’
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Famine looms over Somalia, and the country’s children are especially vulnerable

VICE News reports on the massive humanitarian crisis in Somalia, where millions face starvation and famine.
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Starving in Yemen

As the war in Yemen continues, nearly a third of its population is one step away from famine.
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The Siege of Aden

VICE News filmmaker Medyan Dairieh spent two weeks in Yemen’s seaport city of Aden, surrounded by Houthi militia rebels and under siege.
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Sam Oakford Discusses International Crises and UN Diplomacy

VICE News UN Correspondent Samuel Oakford joins On The Line to discuss some of the world's most pressing crises, and the diplomatic response from the UN.