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This Actor's Been Taking Baths in People's Tubs Every Day for a Month

Ken Ferguson was sick of the darkness of the past year, so he decided to spread some cheer by taking a bath at a different person's house every day of January and spending some time with them. We followed him to his last bath of the month.
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GIFs to Say God Riddance to 2016

VICE.com's Amil Niazi teamed up with illustrator Chris Hull to imagine some of the year's darkest moments through animated GIFs.
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From Lit To Woke: What Slang Stays, What Slang Goes in 2017

VICE.com writer Jake Kivanc gathered a group of slang newbies and aficionados to fight over which words can stay in 2017 and which ones must go.
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Noisey Staff Highlight Picks From the 100 Best Songs of 2016

We asked Noisey Canada to talk about what sets some of their 100 best songs of 2016 picks apart from the also-rans.
Long Story Short

How the Financial Crisis Led to Trump

In the first episode of Long Story Short, we look at how the financial crisis of 2008 may have led to the election of Donald Trump eight years later.
The Creators Project

Desus & Mero Do PULSE Contemporary Art Fair

The Creators Project's Emerson Rosenthal meets up with VICELAND stars Desus & Mero to show them around the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair at Art Basel Miami 2016.

The Smartphone is Absent | Perspectives, Esmeralda Kosmatopolous

Concluding our Perspectives series is conceptual artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, who asks big questions about being human in a time of omnipresent technology.
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'Everyone Feels So Shitty All the Time': Why Self-Care Has Been One of 2016's Biggest Trends

VICE's Amil Niazi popped by Erin Klassen's house to trade wellness routines and talk about how we can really treat ourselves right.

Impossible Reality: Jean-Pierre Roy

Featured at Pulse's 2016 Contemporary Art Fair, we meet painter Jean-Pierre Roy, whose latest work is a convergence between high art aspirations and early visual memory.
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Yesterday on the Internet: The Donald Trump Blame Game

Following election day, the liberal mainstream media has been coming together — by deciding who’s to blame.
i-D Specials

Liya on Liya

i-D profiles Liya Kebede as a part of Kenneth Cole's 2016 Creative Class
i-D Specials

Lauren Wasser

i-D profiles Lauren Wasser as a part of Kenneth Cole's 2016 Creative Class