Future Tense

AI Influencers

With the growing influence of the Metaverse, the space for virtual influencers is expanding. VICE World News takes a look inside the world of virtual influencers in China.
Inside My Mind / web

Fred Armisen Meets Tiny Aliens

In this episode we explore inside Fred Armisen's mind where he goes on a journey in space and meets some tiny aliens on the way.
Inside My Mind

Comedic Legend Jim Gaffigan Explains Closing the Political Divide | Inside My Mind

VICE host Trey Smith leads actor-comedian Jim Gaffigan on an animated guided meditation.
Makes Cents Created with Geico / web


Don't make the split any more painful than it already is by trashing your credit score as well.
Makes Cents Created with Geico / web

Moving In

Avoid money fights down the line by having a real conversation about your finances and money goals now.
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Getting creative with your plans can make the time you spend together feel even more special.
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First Dates

Doing something new and fun with someone can be a lot more entertaining than meeting over yet another cup of coffee.
VICE Canada Shorts

Easy Pickings: Damian Abraham's Guide to Legalization in Canada

The worst best weed animation ever. Follow a computer generated version of VICE host Damian Abraham as he navigates a trippy animated world and learns what it means to have the government be your drug dealer ahead of legalization in Canada.
VICE Labs / S1 EP269

Meet the Engineer Preserving The Last Analog Motion Graphics Machine

Dave Sieg has spent the last 20 years preserving the only working Scanimate, a motion graphics machine that was the staple of film/tv animation in the 70's and 80's.
Daily VICE

The Paleontologist Who Helps Hollywood Filmmakers Bring Mythical Creatures to Life

Stuart Sumida, a biology professor at California State University, consults with some of the biggest movie companies to help design creatures and animations that look, and act, like real animals.
Nuts + Bolts / Clip

Tyler, the Creator’s Stop Motion Film

Tyler took what he learned about stop-motion animation to create this short film.
Nuts + Bolts / Clip

Tyler, the Creator Goes Behind the Scenes at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Tyler visits Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the team behind Robot Chicken.