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Riding (and Crashing) Mountain Bikes in the Arctic: POV

Carson Storch and Darren Berrecloth take us through what it’s like riding a mountain bike down from the top of the world.
Athlete's POV

Fixed Gear Bike Racing with Justin Williams

A look at what it's like behind the wheel in a road race without breaks.
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Eating Congolese Food with Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors

We spent the day with Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka to learn about the foods he ate growing up, and ordered takeout from his favourite spot—the only authentic Congolese restaurant near Toronto. They only deliver to him.

The First Openly Transgender Player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League

Jessica Platt, the first openly transgender player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, sat down with us to discuss her transition, how that affected her hockey career, and the experience she went through when coming out.
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FOR THE BETTER With Evelyn Sifton

The reality of an openly trans elite cyclist
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How I'll Best My Olympic Bronze Medal in Pyeongchang

How I'll Best My Olympic Bronze Medal in Pyeongchang
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“Take a Knee ... My Ass” brought this country singer back into the spotlight

Neal McCoy's new song, "Take a Knee...My Ass," is a direct response to athletes taking a knee at games.

GSP on Returning to Build his Legacy

Georges St-Pierre was already considered one of the greatest fighters of all time when he walked away from MMA. Now, after four years away from the octagon, he returns to to fight a bigger man on the biggest stage.

Michael Bisping Doesn't Care About Odds

Michael Bisping doesn't care about proving the oddsmakers wrong ahead of his fight with GSP. He just wants to win, and provide for his family.

Josh Jackson Plays Chess with an Old Guy on Our Block

Basketball is a young man's game. It takes power, strength and even reckless abandon at times. Chess is pretty much the opposite. For Josh Jackson, the two games feed off of one another.

Jon Jones Talks Legacy, Cormier, and His Time Away from UFC

On the eve of his most recent suspension, we talked to Jon Jones about coming to terms with who he is and his legacy in UFC. KEYWORDS:
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Training with the Strongest Man in Golf

Joe Miller swings a golf club 150mph, hits the ball 225mph, and is the reigning World Long Drive Champion. He got his start lifting weights, took a job working at a driving range and ultimately ended up crushing golf balls further than anyone else.