Triceps and Tantrums: What it’s Really Like Being a Male Stripper

VICE uncovers the high pressure world of male erotic dancing: the passion, the tantrums, and the constant struggle to be seen as dancers and not simply just “strippers.”
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How Australia’s Wildfires Create Their Own Hellish Storms

How Australia’s Wildfires Create Their Own Hellish Storms
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Australia's Wildfires Are Carrying Smoke Around the Globe

Smoke from Australia's wildfires is now over South America.
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Papua New Guinean Traditional Tattoos

We follow Julia Mage’au Gray into the world of Pasifika (Pacific Islander) traditional tattoos and its resurgence within modern-day Australia and New Zealand.
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Sailing Across the Pacific Ocean on a Reed Ship

Phil Buck is the captain of the Viracocha III, a giant reed ship with a mission to sail across the Pacific Ocean. We spoke to the explorer about the trip that will take the crew from Arica, Chile to Sydney, Australia, inspired by ancient traditions.
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We Meet a World-Class Australian Horse Whisperer

There are few people in the world more dedicated to horses than Guy McLean. We caught up with this world champion Australian horseman at Toronto's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair before his one-of-a-kind performance.

Hunting for Drugs in the Australian Bush

The Australian bush is full of drugs, you just have to know where to look. We went foraging for naturally-occurring substances in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges.
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The Wild World of Aussie Rules Football

The only rule in Aussie Rules football is pain… lots of pain.
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Australia legalizes same-sex marriage

Australia is now the 26th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.
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600 refugees and asylum seekers are without food, water, or electricity in Papua New Guinea

The men have been without water, food, or power since Tuesday — when the Australian Government cut off supplies in an attempt to force them out.
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Inside the World's Only Octopus Settlements

We usually think of octopus as solitary loners, but scientists have discovered two octopus settlements in Australia where up to 16 live in a cluster of dens.
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i-D Meets St. Vincent

During her recent trip to Australia, i-D spent the day with Annie Clark at the Sydney Opera House. Between exploring empty theatres, backstage secrets and quiet corners we caught up on the latest incarnation of her musical doppelgänger St. Vincent.