Miami Viceland

The Drench God goes all out with a yacht, some strippers, and a Ferrari.
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6IX RISING (Trailer)

Due to the blockbuster ascents of Drake and the Weeknd, Toronto's local rap scene has turned into a hyper-competitive, prolific, and highly creative environment where young artists are fighting for attention on the world stage.
THUMP Specials

Thump Meets: Jessy Lanza

VICE caught up with Jesse Lanza during her stay in Barcelona for the Spring Sound Festival.
Noisey Meets

Get Out Of Your Own Way: Anarchy & Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass

The 73-year-old artist, poet, and activist Penny Rimbaud founded the most influential anarcho-punk group of the 20th century in Crass, along with Steve Ignorant.
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On the Road with Moxie Raia

A portrait of a rising star on the cusp of pop stardom, Noisey catches up with Moxie Raia on her first national tour opening for Justin Bieber.
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Cam Kirk on Photographing Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, and More

Noisey sits down with the eye of young Atlanta Cam Kirk, discussing his iconic work with artists like Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Migos, and Bankroll Fresh.
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Harley Flanagan from Cro-Mags

Harley Flanagan made news in 2012 after an altercation with his former bandmates in the New York hardcore band Cro-Mags, which resulted in a charge of felony assault, though he maintains that he fought back in self-defense.
Culture Beat

Afropunk Style, Hyperflesh Masks, and a Deep Web Dive

We spend a day at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, take a look at viral sensation Landon Meier's masks and get to the bottom of the internet with artist Trevor Paglen.
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Touring Ottawa with Muslim Hip-hop Duo Deen Squad

We caught up with Deen Squad just a few days before the holy month of Ramadan and had them show Noisey’s Giselle Mapp Ottawa through their eyes.