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Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Talking to a Former Member of Israel’s Cyber Spy Agency (Extra Scene)

Ben talks to a former veteran from Israel's cybersecurity and intelligence team known as Unit 8200.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Ashley Madison Fembots (Extra Scene)

In an extra scene from CYBERWAR, Ben Makuch talks to Annalee Newitz about how the fembots were made on Ashley Madison.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

National Security and Silicon Valley (Extra Scene)

Ben talks to Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare, about how Silicon Valley companies would approach the threat of violent extremism online.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Is Anonymous Dead?

Is Anonymous dead? In this extra scene, Ben sits down with an old school Anonymous member who is still very much involved in their current operations.
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We Talk to a Member of Anonymous About the Future of Hacktivism

In a deleted scene from VICELAND's Cyberwar, Ben Makuch talks to a member of Anonymous. They discuss the changing world of hacktivism and whether or not Anonymous is still relevant.
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We Meet a Journalist Who Went Undercover in a Russian Troll Farm

In this extra scene from VICELAND's Cyberwar, host Ben Makuch meets a journalist who reports on Russian hacking. Cyberwar airs Tuesdays at 10 ET/PT on VICELAND.
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Soldiers of Odin: Inside One of Canada's Newest Controversial Right Wing Groups

Ben Makuch gets inside two Canadian chapters of the Soldiers of Odin to explore their possible connections to right-wing extremism.
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'Adapting To Brazen and Deceptive Politics': Journalists Predict Their Biggest Challenges For 2017

We asked some of the guests at the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression gala, what the biggest challenge facing journalists will be in 2017.
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'Zero Day' Cyber Security Flaws: Why Your Phone Is Safer Than Your Computer

The premiere of the new season of Cyberwar airs tonight and explores the secretive world of buying and selling critical software flaws. In this extra scene, host Ben Makuch finds out why a phone is more secure than a computer.
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Canada's Role in Ukraine: Reporting From the Frontlines of a Proxy War

A new VICE News doc goes to the frontlines of the war in eastern Ukraine to explore Canada's role in the proxy war. Reporter Ben Makuch tells us about his experiences on the ground.
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Training for a Forgotten War: What Ukrainian Soldiers Are Learning From The Canadian Military

VICE News reporter Ben Makuch was on the training grounds just days before the prime minister's arrival in Ukraine and met with the instructors and the students.
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Inside Ukraine's Unending War

VICE News travelled to Avdiivka where Ukrainian military and civilians have both lost faith in the so-called ceasefire and remain trapped in a brutal war.