King of the Road / Clip

How Well Do the Skate Team Owners Know Their Teammates?

Toy Machine owner Ed Templeton, Birdhouse owner Tony Hawk, and Chocolate owner Mike Carroll answer questions about their teammates.
King of the Road / Clip

Jaws Goes For Tony Hawk’s Parking Lot Loop

Tony Hawk sets up a loop in the parking lot of Birdhouse headquarters and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki goes for it.
King of the Road / Clip

Birdhouse Drops in From A Helicopter

Birdhouse makes their first attempt at a helicopter drop in at pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist's Dreamland.
King of the Road / S1 EP5

Midway Point

The teams meet in San Francisco to pick up their Mystery Guests and compete in a deadly downhill race.
King of the Road / Extra Scene

Blake Turns Pro

Chocolate and Birdhouse go head to head in a downhill coffin race, and Toy Machine has a surprise for Blake Carpenter.
King of the Road / Clip

Birdhouse Rack Up Points at Shasta Park

Team Birdhouse complete challenges like skating a rock and the 4-man line at Shasta Park.
King of the Road / S1 EP4

Possible Broken Cheekbone

Toy Machine turns hippie. Jaws competes in a pole dance contest. Elijah grinds the flaming rail of doom, and Raven has a near-death experience.
King of the Road / S1 EP3

Sabotage is Part of the Game

Rain in Seattle can't keep the teams from their points, tattoos, or piercings. Everyone heads for their second cities, but not before Birdhouse attempts sabotage.
King of the Road / Clip

The Germ Drop In

Birdhouse attempts to recreate Burnside Skate Park legend Germ's epic drop in during their Portland city challenge.
King of the Road / S1 EP12

Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road

Catch up with previous King of the Road survivors as they recount their victories and embarrassments.
King of the Road / S1 EP2

Shirtless in Seattle

The teams get their first city challenges leading to a handrail showdown.
King of the Road / Clip

Mark Hubbard’s Ramp Challenges

Team Birdhouse heads to legendary skatepark builder Mark Hubbard's lair to attempt his personalized ramp tricks.