6 Hours

BKTheRula: A Force Without Fear | 6 Hours

September’s Noisey Next artist, BkTheRula, spent 6 Hours with Noisey before her set at Rolling Loud in Miami where she beamed with rage and energy amongst a lineup of the biggest names in rap.
Noisey Video Singles

Jay Hype - "Days": Noisey x Soundcloud Video Singles

Noisey Video Singles With Soundcloud. Created with editorial 2018 campaign.
Noisey Video Singles

Melo Makes Music - "Remember": Noisey X SoundCloud Video Singles

Noisey x Soundcloud Video Singles presents Chicago's own Melo Makes Music. Created with editorial 2018 campaign.

Meet the Woman Working to Create More Opportunities for Other Women in Skateboarding

For this episode of Boardly, we skate through the streets of downtown Toronto with skater- entrepreneur, Stephanie Battieste. In 2015, she founded Babes Brigade, a skateboarding company dedicated to creating opportunities for women in skate.

Meet the Skate Icon Who Was the First Woman to Grace the Cover of Thrasher Mag

For this episode of Boardly, we hang out with trailblazing skateboarder Cara-Beth Burnside, better known as CB, in her hometown of Oceanside, California. Today, she is opening doors for other women and girls competing in skateboarding.
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FOR THE BETTER With Evelyn Sifton

The reality of an openly trans elite cyclist
Sweat It

The Cobrasnake

We meet with ubiquitous party photographer, the Cobrasnake, to see how he stays in shape and the role fitness plays as he moves into a new stage of his life.
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Aurora Skarra-Gallagher

We trail firefighter and pro beach volleyball player Aurora Skarra-Gallagher for an exclusive look into what it takes to be a strong member of the force.
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Leigh Barton

We trail Leigh from the studio to the dance floor for some cardio pro-tips and see the role fitness plays in her active daily routine.
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Delicate Steve

We trail Delicate Steve, moniker of multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion, for bouldering and strength-based tips.