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Danny Gold Discusses 'Burundi on the Brink'

Danny Gold joins On the Line to discuss Burundi’s hotly contested presidential election.
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Election Results and Post-Poll Violence - Burundi on the Brink (Dispatch 8)

Though the presidential elections in Burundi have concluded, political violence surrounding the controversial vote has not simmered.
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Violence and Protests on Polling Day - Burundi On The Brink (Dispatch 7)

VICE News visits polling stations around the capital, and witnesses Nyakabiga's last act of protest before the Presidental polls closed for the day.
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Rally Of The Ruling Party - Burundi On The Brink (Dispatch 6)

VICE News visits a CNDD-FDD rally in Cibitoke province, and speaks with a former high-ranking official of the ruling party who is living in exile.
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The Spoils Of War - Burundi On The Brink (Dispatch 4)

VICE News visits a press conference in the Cibitoke province, where the Burundian military shows off their captives and spoils of war.
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Firebombed Media - Burundi on the Brink (Dispatch 3)

VICE News goes on a tour of media offices that have been firebombed, and visits the last standing independent newspaper in Bujumbura.
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Inside a Bujumbura Opposition Stronghold - Burundi on the Brink (Dispatch 2)

VICE News speaks to residents from Buterere about what it's like inside one of Bujumbura's opposition strongholds.
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Fleeing to Rwanda - Burundi On The Brink (Dispatch 1)

VICE News stops through Rwanda en route to Burundi to hear testimony of what life is like in Bujumbura amidst the current political crisis.