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What It Takes to Own a House with 6 People

A group of six friends recently bought a million-dollar house together in Toronto. But that was only the first step. We find out how they make it work and what happens when someone wants out.
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Embedding with Canada's Arctic Guardians

As a young soldier, Philip Cheung trained in the Arctic with the Canadian rangers. Now, 20 years later, the soldier-turned-photographer is featuring the northern military unit in his latest exhibition.
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Noisey Brampton: The Rise of DIY Hip Hop Beyond Toronto

We head to Brampton to profile an up and coming hip-hop scene on the periphery of it's big brother: Toronto. Intertwining immigrant stories with modern hustle, Brampton artists are working to develop a strong voice that is uniquely theirs.
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How Six People Bought a Million-Dollar House Together

We find out how and why a group of six friends pooled their money together to buy a million-dollar house in one of Canada's hottest real estate markets.
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Breeding Cows that Burp Less to Save the Planet

Cow farts and burps are a major source of greenhouses gases. We visit a farm where researchers are using genetics to breed cows that are less gassy in an effort to reduce the dairy industry’s impact on the environment.
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Healing Together

Created in partnership with Nu Media, this short documentary follows Indigenous youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba holding an emotional sharing circle in an effort to heal together.
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Welcome to Poole's Land, an Anarchist Commune in the Canadian Rainforest

VICE’s Manisha Krishnan traveled to Poole's Land, a remote oceanside community where young people live in anarchy, to figure out why they decided to move there and try out the lifestyle for herself.
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How to Buy and Consume Legal Weed in the Prairies

A guide to the rules around buying and consuming legal weed in the Prairies.
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How to Buy and Consume Legal Weed in Ontario

A guide to the rules around buying and consuming legal weed in Ontario.
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How to Buy and Consume Legal Weed in the Atlantic Provinces

A guide to the rules around buying and consuming legal weed in the Atlantic Provinces.
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How to Buy and Consume Legal Weed in BC and Alberta

A guide to the rules around buying and consuming legal weed in BC and Alberta.
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Eric Hu

Nike design director Eric Hu explains why ignorance isn’t bliss after his credit card bill followed him home following a year abroad in NYC.
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The Home Lives of Sex Workers

Photographer Lindsay Irene travels to Toronto to shoot with a variety of sex workers in their homes with the goal of increasing the understanding of who they are.​
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Electro-funk musician Harrison tells us how he became the “goddamned king of taxes”.
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Cosplay Centerfold

VICE meets Holly Wolf, a cosplayer who's recently sparked controversy for existing in the realm of family-friendly conventions after posing for Playboy.
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Fear and Loading: Meet the NRA's Most Wanted Customer

VICE reporter Manisha Krishnan travels to Texas to meet women on both sides of the gun debate to find out what makes firearms a women’s issue in America.

Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Canada legalizes the loud pack as political news continues to be one big commercial for leaving the United States.
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Is This the Next Standing Rock?

VICE News embeds with the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society, a group that is building tiny houses on the Trans Mountain pipeline route in defense of their land.

Peacocks Run Amok in Canada

Canada is facing a peacock crime wave.
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We Went to A Doug Ford Rally to Find Out Why People are Voting for Him

Doug Ford, the brother of the late Toronto major Rob Ford, is running to become Premier of Canada's largest province — Ontario. We went to a rally to see what Ford Nation looks like now.
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Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias

In 2014, Ukraine was under siege and the military was unprepared. Desperate, the government urged anyone to get to the front and fight the Russian-backed separatists. We tracked down some rogue volunteers still out there fighting.
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Easy Pickings: Damian Abraham's Guide to Legalization in Canada

The worst best weed animation ever. Follow a computer generated version of VICE host Damian Abraham as he navigates a trippy animated world and learns what it means to have the government be your drug dealer ahead of legalization in Canada.
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Police Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities in Weed Arrests in Canada

With cannabis legalization coming into effect in just a few months, it doesn’t seem like the Liberals intend on pardoning the records of those who have been convicted of simple weed possession
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The Risks of Reporting Sexual Harassment on Parliament Hill

Hilary Beaumont has been investigating how weak policies and a toxic culture on Parliament Hill are failing women. She spoke to more than 40 women who have worked there about their experience with sexual harassment.