Inside My Mind

Tim Heidecker Takes Wild Trip Down Memory Lane on a Guided Meditation | Inside My Mind

Things get weird when Tim Heidecker from the hilariously-offbeat comedy duo “Tim and Eric,” stops by the VICE studio to go on a guided meditation.
The VICE Questionnaire of Life

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life - Adam Devine

Adam Devine explains why he’d definitely be the first to die in an alien invasion.
Inside My Mind

Comedian Quinta Brunson Takes Us on a Journey into Her Wildest Fantasies

Comedian Quinta Brunson takes us on a journey through her wildest fantasies.
Inside My Mind

A Trippy Tour Inside Flula Borg's Mind

We go inside the mind of the German actor, comedian, and surprisingly good DJ, Flula Borg.
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Your Guide to Every Room You'll Find at a House Party

Comedian Jordan Foisy wants to help you maximize your fun at future house parties so he broke down which rooms are duds and which rooms you definitely want to party in.
Daily VICE

The Comedian Who Turned Her Home into a Mental Wellness Drop-In Centre

VICE's Sarah Berman met up with comedian Shelley Marshall, who's filling a gap in the mental health system by turning her home into a free mental health wellness drop-in centre.
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'Laughter Takes the Edge Off': How Comedy Is Helping Fight Vancouver's Opioid Crisis

We met Comedian Mark Hughes as he got ready to host a comedy night fundraiser in support of a grassroots safe injection site.
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Comedian Hari Kondabolu On The Problem With Apu

We talked to Comedian Hari Kondabolu on his documentary about Apu from the Simpsons.
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We Try to Ask Dane Cook Questions No One’s Asked Before

We tried to only ask Dane Cook questions no one has ever thrown his way to find out a little bit more about one of the most maligned names in comedy.
VICE Meets

Hannibal Buress on Success and Selling Out

On this episode of VICE Meets, we chat with stand-up comedian and actor Hannibal Buress about his latest Netflix special, Comedy Camisado, over lunch in LA.