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How Six People Bought a Million-Dollar House Together

We find out how and why a group of six friends pooled their money together to buy a million-dollar house in one of Canada's hottest real estate markets.
VICE Labs S1 EP332

A Day in Weeksville: Brooklyn's Historic, Free Black Town

VICELAND visits what's left of a town founded by freed slaves in the middle of Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 1838.
VICE Canada Reports

Overdose Crisis on the US-Canada Border: Steel Town Down

WARNING: This film contains graphic images of drug use. Steel Town Down traces the cycle of drug use in a struggling Canadian steel town on the US border as it grapples with a dramatic rise in overdoses linked to fentanyl.
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The Soo's Dirty Secret (Mama Bear)

VICE followed local resident Connie Raynor-Elliott, known as "Mama Bear," who has made it her mission to help drug users and those suffering with addictions in her spare time.
Beerland / Clip

Detroit (Preview)

Meg meets the Detroit residents who want to rebuild the Motor City as Beer City. Do you home brew in Southern California, Tijuana, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Canada or Montana? Email
Waypoint Specials

Halfcoordinated, the Max-Agility Speedrunner Gaming with One Hand

Waypoint meets speedrunner Clinton “Halfcoordinated” Lexa and follows him to a speedrunning marathon, as he performs a run of one of his favorite RPGs – all without the use of one of his hands.
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Meet the man selling influence over his personal life decisions

This episode of Outliers follows Mike Merrill's communal decision-making platform, where investors can purchase stock that gives them voting power over Merrill’s choices.
Fort Mac: After the Fire

Muse the Filmmaker

Muse wants to be a filmmaker. He hasn’t lost a home in the fire but he’s looking to understand the losses of his friends and neighbours by making a documentary about the consequences of the fire.
Fort Mac: After the Fire

Ruth the Artist

Ruth, originally from Newfoundland, has lost her home to the fire and is trying to make sense of her loss by incorporating the charred remains from her home into her art.
Fort Mac: After the Fire

James the Delivery Guy

James is the bearded, tattooed, delivery guy who has the appearance and scars of a man who’s lived a hard life. He runs a lucrative delivery business keeping Fort Mac inhabitants well-stocked with whatever they need.
Fort Mac: After the Fire

Phil the Cook

Phil is trying to figure out what his life is going to look like but he’s been dealt a bad hand. He lives at home and supports his family with his line cook wages, while suffering from what he thinks is PTSD from the traumatic evacuation.
VICE Canada Reports

Money Gang Drifting Crew (Smoke Show: EP3)

Femi Lawson hangs out with the Money Gang Drifting crew and learns why drifting is the fastest growing motorsport in the world.