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How I Reinvented Myself with Cosplay Armour

Kin Chan is part of a group called The Wanpans that builds cosplay armour out of recycled materials. We asked him how he builds his elaborate suits of armour and why he loves to make them himself.
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What It Costs to Be a Full-Time Drag Queen

Baby Bel Bel is one of the Toronto drag scene's hardest-working queens. From wigs to hip pads, he showed us the costs and benefits of being a full-time drag performer.
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What It Takes To Be a Master of Cosplay

Award-winning cosplay artist Samantha Bork transforms Snow White from a delicate princess into a fierce warrior. We meet her in Toronto as she competes in the first-ever Master of Cosplay competition.
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Cosplay Centerfold

VICE meets Holly Wolf, a cosplayer who's recently sparked controversy for existing in the realm of family-friendly conventions after posing for Playboy.
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The Reich Reenactors

Up and down the UK self-proclaimed history buffs head to the woods, and pretend to be soldiers in Hitler's Third Reich. Is this a sinister pastime? Or is it just cosplay with a few more swastikas?
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How I Found My Community of Japanese Lolita Enthusiasts

YouTuber Lovely Lor feels like her best self when she dresses in Japanese lolita fashion. She tells us how comic conventions helped her discover the lolita community and how people still mistake her outfits for a character cosplay.
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We Meet Cosplayer 'Bear Sailor Moon'

We Meet Cosplayer 'Bear Sailor Moon'
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Star Cosplayer Andy Rae Lets Us Into Her World For a Day

We wanted to know what it takes to be a next-level cosplayer