cyber espionage


Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Hacking Critical Infrastructure (Extra Scene)

We ask an Industrial Control System expert how they detect hackers and what can be done once a network is compromised.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

The Economic Toll of China’s Cyber Espionage (Extra Scene)

Bill Evanina explains how the U.S. has lost an estimated 400 billion dollars in the form of economic espionage by Chinese hackers.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Why Your Phone Is Safer Than Your Computer (Extra Scene)

Ben finds out why a phone is more secure than a computer.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

How to Unlock a Laptop Using an NSA Tool (Extra Scene)

Hacking like the NSA isn't that hard.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Talking to a Former Member of Israel’s Cyber Spy Agency (Extra Scene)

Ben talks to a former veteran from Israel's cybersecurity and intelligence team known as Unit 8200.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Hacker ‘Phineas Fisher’ Speaks on Camera for the First Time—Through a Puppet (Extra Scene)

Ben interviews the hacker on the condition the interview is recreated with a puppet.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

AI & the Arms Race (Extra Scene)

We talk to an expert on the AI arms race between Russia, the US and China.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Hacking the Internet of Things (Extra Scene)

John Matherly demos Shodan, a search tool that finds all the unsecure devices connected to the internet.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Robots vs Weapons of Mass Destruction (Extra Scene)

In an extra scene from CYBERWAR, Ben Makuch watches a demonstration of how robotics can be used to counter weapons of mass destruction.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Ashley Madison Fembots (Extra Scene)

In an extra scene from CYBERWAR, Ben Makuch talks to Annalee Newitz about how the fembots were made on Ashley Madison.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

The Attribution Problem in Cyber Attacks (Extra Scene)

Bruce Schneier explains the difference between real world attribution and cyber attribution.
Cyberwar / Extra Scene

Cyber Security Expert Stops Plot to Frame Him (Extra Scene)

In an extra scene from CYBERWAR, Ben Makuch hears about a hacker who wanted to send heroin to security expert Brian Krebs in an attempt to frame him.