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The Story of the Biggest Sports Stadium Hit: "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation

VICE met up with Zombie Nation’s Florian Senfter—the DJ/producer behind “Kernkraft 400”—to hear how a fluke remix turned his song into one of the most popular dance music anthems of all time.
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The End of the World

VICE meets up with Jason Windsor, creator of ‘The End of the World’ to hear his story behind creating the viral internet classic and its sequel 15-years in the making.
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We Go Hunting for Sounds with a "Sci-Fi Turntablist"

Producer and Sound Designer SlowPitchSound shows us how he collects field recordings and turns them into beats.
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We Meet a Radio Host Turned Club DJ

We Meet a Radio Host Turned Club DJ
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DJ Jasmine Infiniti is Creating Safe Spaces for Trans People to Party

New York-born DJ Jasmine Infiniti is the founder of New World Dysorder, a collective that organizes inclusive events especially for trans people of colour.
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This Mexican DJ Is Battling Gender Violence with Parties

DJ Mexican Jihad co-founded Mexico's NAAFI collective. Through the collective's parties and music, they are battling gender violence and creating spaces for self-expression in their country. We met Mexican Jihad during his stop at Mutek in Montreal.
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These DJs Are Spreading Brazilian Vibes on a Souped-Up Mobile Sound System

DJ duo, the Tupi Collective, have been bringing Brazilian music to Montreal since 2012, but they recently turned an old tricycle into a souped-up mobile sound system to help them perform at outdoor venues.
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He Was the World's Youngest DJ and Now He Wants to Be a Record-Breaking Producer

Brandan Duke, also known as Dextrous One, held the Guinness World Record for Youngest Club DJ up until earlier this year. Now he's vying to be the world's youngest professional music producer.
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DJ JAZ and the Church of Episco-Disco

In the first episode of THUMP Profiles, THUMP travels to JAZ's home in Charleston, South Carolina to catch a sermon behind the altar (and the decks), firsthand.

Jai Wolf on His Rise to Fame and Sharing a Stage with Skrillex

In this episode of Autobiographies, VICE sits down with the electronic musician Jai Wolf.
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Dancing vs. The State: How Mayor Giuliani Decimated 90s Clubbing in NYC

Veteran nightlife critic Michael Musto on how New York club culture fought back against mayor Rudy Giuliani.
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Moby - Porcelain (Visual Memoir)

From one of the most interesting and iconic musicians of our time, a piercingly tender, funny and harrowing account of the path from suburban poverty and alienation to a life of beauty, squalor and unlikely success out of the NYC club scene.