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I Got Dating Advice from Yelp’s Worst Rated Matchmaker | One Star Reviews

Taji goes to a one star yelp reviewed dating coach.
Rat Park S1 EP2

Rat Park Documentary: Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of the new Vice Canada feature documentary - Rat Park. Available on Crave Canada's streaming service.
Activist Playbook

Opioid Addiction in Dearborn’s Muslim Community

VICE heads to Michigan to see how the opioid epidemic has hurt Dearborn’s Muslim community.
Plastic Planet

I Got Surgery to Have Six Pack Abs

VICE follows two men getting cosmetic surgery. One who is getting liposuction on his abdominal area to get the six pack he always wanted. The other visits The Club House, a “man-cave” in Manhattan dedicated to male plastic surgery.
I Tried

I Tried Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Sally Burtnick tries to become a social media influencer.

What It's Like to Run a Marathon in North Korea

Olympian Aimee Fuller traveled to North Korea to run in the 2019 Pyongyang Marathon. Having participated in the country's only event open to foreigners, she sat down with VICE Sports to share her once-in-a-lifetime experience of the hermit kingdom.
VICE Specials

Air Guitar Championships

VICE travels to Nashville for the 2019 US Air Guitar Championships.
One Star Reviews / web

One Star Reviews: Season Two Coming Soon (Trailer)

Your favorite poorly reviewed show is back. One Star Reviews with Taji Ameen returns to VICE with new episodes dropping on November 14th, 2019.
High Octane

Shutting Down the Streets of LA: Sideshow Takeovers

VICE travels to LA to explore the infamous car culture known as sideshows and talks to members of TAKING 0VER Car Club about the risks they take to put on the sideshows they love.
VICE News Shorts

How Journalists Work Around Kashmir's Internet Blackouts

Kashmiri Journalists are warning the state is “simmering” under a communications ban
VICE Specials

Inside Storm Area 51: How a Viral Meme Almost Destroyed a Town

What started as a joke turned into a global meme to raid Area 51 to see them aliens. This is the full story behind the Storm Area 51 meme and the struggle to bring it life outside of the Internet.

Meth Country

While the war on opioids rages on in America, meth is making a comeback.