Activist Playbook

How To Film the Cops the Right Way

Palika Makam is a media activist living in Brooklyn, New York who offers technical and legal advice on how to safely and ethically film acts of police brutality in order to expose injustices and, hopefully, change policy.
I Was There When...

Puerto Rican Activists Took over the Statue of Liberty

Chino shares this experience during his youth and its consequences on his community, as well as his own journey as an activist.
Brain Wash

We asked you about the protests. Here’s what you said.

Protests have broken out across the world against police brutality and racial injustice.
The Latest

COVID-19’s Devastating Effect on American Farmers

Why are there shortages in grocery stores while farmers are destroying their crops? Why are pigs being euthanized? Why are millions of pounds of potatoes going to waste?
Quarantine Conspiracy Show

Down the 5G & COVID-19 Conspiracy Rabbithole

Lee Adams hosts a show about the dark corners of the internet, filmed on the internet, for the internet.
VICE Senior Correspondent

Senior Correspondent Tries a Seafood Boil Mukbang

Senior citizens reporting from the front lines of youth culture.
VICE News Shorts

The NRA For Black People Wants to Get Political

The National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is the largest minority gun group in the country.
The Latest

The Mental Health Fallout of Doctors After COVID-19

On this premiere episode of The Latest with Lee, VICE’s Lee Adams explores the coronavirus pandemic’s mental health consequences on the healthcare workers tasked with combating it.
VICE Senior Correspondent

Senior Correspondent Tries to Walk a Fashion Show

Senior citizens reporting from the front lines of youth culture.
VICE News Shorts

George Floyd's Childhood Friend Couldn't Come to His Funeral — Here's What He Has to Say

VICE News was in Houston for the funeral of George Floyd
VICE Replies

Vice Replies to Trumps’ Young Black Conservatives

At VICE, we take the comment section very seriously. In this episode of “VICE Replies” correspondent Lee Adams responds to comments from his Minority Reports segment “The Young Black Conservative of Trump’s America.”
18 In America

Raised for a Future that No Longer Exists

On this episode of 'FORGOTTEN GENERATION,' VICE’s Lee Adams travels to the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky to meet with young people whose futures have been turned upside down by the sharp decline of the coal industry.