Ben Carson's Luxurious Dining Set

Ben Carson is under pressure for trying to get that exclusive Supreme dining set while being the head of affordable housing for the rest of us brokeys.
Dear Future

Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit

When it comes to the internet, our connections are generally controlled by telecom companies. But a small group of people in Detroit is trying to change that.
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The Cost of Living In San Francisco

What it costs to live in San Francisco
Payday / Extra Scene

Living up to a family name (Extra Scene)

Frank Stronach lives on his grandfather’s family compound. The income he gets from DJ’ing is more about a marker of his success than about money.
Payday / Extra Scene

Dog Sledding With Fort McMurray's Only Female Musher (Extra Scene)

In this extra scene, we meet Christina, Fort Mac's only female musher, and learn about the challenges of managing a team of 20 dogs.
Payday / Clip

The Jeweler for the Streets

Jimmy Boi is a 32-year old reformed convict who has built a lucrative career making custom jewelry for celebrities, including rappers like Killer Mike.
Payday / Extra Scene

Ride Through the Streets of Baltimore with Professional Dirt Biker, Chino (Extra Scene)

In this extra scene, we meet Chino, a young guy who makes his living as a professional bike rider and find out what dirt biking means to his community.
Payday / Extra Scene

The artistry of taxidermy (Deleted Scene)

In an extra scene from PAYDAY, Andrea describes what taxidermy means to her and how she fell in love with bringing dead animals back to life.
Payday / Extra Scene

Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti on What it Takes to Make a Hit Record

In an extra scene from PAYDAY, Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti talk on what it takes to make a hit record.
Daily VICE

Wondering About Investing in Weed? Here's the Latest on the Surge in Cannabis Stocks

There are two primary reasons behind why stock prices increased so dramatically. Vanmala Subramaniam, VICE News' Money and Economics Editor, breaks it down for you and gives her take on weed stocks as a good investment.
Payday / Extra Scene

Conflict with Trump from a Muslim Republican

Adam Khan has an unpaid position as the Republican Chairman of Washoe county in Reno. As a Muslim Adam faced Islamophobia within his own party, and was conflicted with the rise of Trump.
ABANDONED / Extra Scene

Susan Musgrave (Extra Scene)

In a deleted scene from Abandoned, Rick McCrank talks to prominent Canadian poet Susan Musgrave in Masset, BC.